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The courses offered by the department deal with basic computer concepts, computer networking, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, remote sensing, RFID applications, image processing, 3D graphics, E-commerce, computer graphics, expert systems, virtual reality, GEO information studies, GEO information system design, satellite navigation design, and Google Earth. The course designs and the plans of the department have always been aimed at preparing students to work in state-of-the-art industries. Accordingly, the program is divided into three areas:


1. Geoinformatics applications: digital image processing, analysis of geoinformatics, 3D animation, web design, computer-aided design, product design in geoinformatics, computer graphics, and multimedia.

2. Surveying and mapping: measured drawings, engineering surveying, cadastral surveying, aerial photography, and design of geographic information systems.

3. Geoinformatics technology: database administration in geoinformatics, computer engineering, programming, systems analysis, production planning, and geoinformatics management.

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